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WWE Superstar Cesaro on life on the indies when he was Claudio Castagnoli

ATS is proud to bring you the newest installment of the Six Pack of Questions featuring independant wrestler, currently competing in Chikara and one half of the current Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions, Claudio Castagnoli. Claudio discusses life on the indies, his training, thoughts on WWE NXT, and his life outside of the ring.  ATS would like to thank Mr. Castagnoli for taking the time to answer the Six Pack and urge all wrestling fans to take a look at, in my opinion, one of the top indy wrestlers in the entire country. 

1) A large portion of your wrestling career you have spent wrestling for independent federations.  What is the grind like in terms of your schedule and work in general while in the indies?

My schedule keeps me pretty busy. I train twice a week at the CHIKARA wrestle factory in Philadelphia, on top of that I'm on the road for shows almost every weekend. That's usually Friday, Saturday and then travel day on Sunday. So when I'm at home I like to work out, sleep and eat. Oh and watch some quality TV. I also enjoy good food, so I'm always on the look out for some new good restaurants, and there are quite a few around here that I like. I just discovered a Swiss ice cream place named "Zwalen's" so that's my next stop! I try to hit the gym 6 days a week for either lifting or cardio, although sometimes that's not possible due to my traveling, so I make it work (Tim Gunn would be proud) with whatever time and place is available. So if you see some bald Swiss guy doing push ups in the hotel parking lot, it could be me!

2) Who were you trained by, and what were the most important pieces of advice you learned from them?
I was originally trained by a guy named Sigi the Swiss Tank. Pretty awesome name, isn't it? But the training was very basic, so I traveled all over Europe and then later the world to learn more. Thanks to that I have a very diverse wrestling style. I learned from people like Dave Taylor, Doug Williams, Jorge Rivera, Chris Hero, Mike Quackenbush, Bill DeMott and many more. The best advice probably was to never stop learning and training.  

3) What makes you and fellow Ring of Honor Tag Team Champion Chris Hero such an impressive tag team?
We are big, both over 6-4, very agile and we love wrestling. What that means is that we study it, train, eat sleep and breathe wrestling. We're always looking for ways to improve ourselves and give the audience the best match possible. That also keeps us a step ahead of the competition. Since Chris helped train me and we used to live together we also know each other very well, which as a Tag Team is essential. 

4) What are your thoughts on WWE's NXT program? Would you be willing to partake in the program?
I think it's very interesting. I would like it to be a little more serious though. Get rid of the silly competitions and make it more serious. I think that would help establish the guys as legitimate right away. It's definitely an interesting show and who knows, maybe you'll see the Kings of Wrestling on there one day. For right now you should watch us on ROH on HDNet though, the best wrestling show on TV! One hour has more wrestling than two hours of WWE and TNA combined! It's on every Monday at 8pm EST. 
5) Beings From the Stands Media gives readers the feel that they are at the corner sports bar, here are five bonus questions: 

1) Favorite Alcoholic Drink
None... I don't drink alcohol. I'd go for a coffee though!
2) Favorite Party Song:
That's a tough one, there are so many! But to pick something current I'd say "Club can't handle me" Flo Rida feat David Guetta
3) Biggest Party Foul: 
Puking on the floor? Which would be a bad case of being way too drunk.
4) Craziest Bar/ Party Story:
I can't tell that here... I used to go out quite a bit back in Switzerland. Swiss clubs are awesome, trust me! Me and my friends would own the clubs and there was this one Birthday party where we had the Birthday boy dancing in his underwear in the middle of the club.
5) Person You Would Most like to Party With:
Dwayne Johnson 

6) What does the future hold for Claudio Castagnoli? 
Let me look at my crystal ball... To be honest I don't know, but let's find out together!

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