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Steve Corino on being "The King of Old School"

As a huge professional wrestling fan, I am pleased to begin completing Six Pack's with contributors to the world of professional wrestling. To kick it off, I was pleased to have a Six Pack answered by "The King of Old School" himself, Mr. Steve Corino.  Corino has been heavyweight champion numerous times for many companies including the original ECW and ROH, and has also wrestled in Japan which is a huge deal for professional wrestlers.  In my years of watching professional wrestling, I have seen some great moments featuring Steve Corino. The most memorable was the bull rope match he had with WWE Hall of Famer "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes.  I have also had the honor of seeing Corino compete live a few times, including the most recently a few years ago at the former ECW arena against Teddy Hart in a tremendous angle they were running through PWU.  Without any further ado, I am proud to unveil the Six Pack of Questions with "The King of Old School" Steve Corino.

1) Where did the "King of Old School" concept emerge from? If you were interested in WWE, do you believe that it held you back from there?
Simply, when I was just starting in ECW Paul Heyman asked me what I envisioned myself as and I told him that even though I am a typical Jr. Heavyweight I am an old school style wrestler. He loved it. I wanted to throw the "King" moniker in front of it as a dedication to one of my trainers, King Kaluha.

The WWE has their own style and I have been lucky enough not to have to conform to it. Maybe 20 years from now I will look back and say that I should have had a more WWE-Friendly style and look, but I can't regret anything I have done in this great sport. While most people's goals are the WWE, mine was always to work in Japan.

2) As a former ECW Heavyweight Champion, what were your thoughts on WWE's version of ECW, and it's recent demise?
I spoke a lot about it on CorinoWrestling.com but I never had a problem with the WWE's version of ECW. They bought it out of bankruptcy fair and square and I knew that they would never let Paul Heyman have full control of the new ECW. That was one of the reasons I never wanted to do the reunion shows. ECW was great and a lot of fun but when it died in January 2001, it died for me. Unlike others I got back on a different horse and did well. 

3) Still being in the business, what are your thoughts on the new Monday Night Wars? Are you appealed to WWE or TNA television in general?
The only time I tune in is if I know that friends like Punk, Kendrick, Kong, Shelley, etc are on. The WWE and TNA don't hold any interest for me entertainment wise. Its not to say they are bad shows. Just not for me. I can still watch 1981 Georgia Championship Wrestling and go crazy for it. You show that to many young fans today and they will yell "boring". Just different tastes. 

4) Your thoughts on... 
1) Paul HeymanAmazing booker. I miss him. Working with him and now with Jim Cornette in ROH makes me just love pro-wrestling more and realize that what I know is only about 10% of what they do. 
2) Dusty Rhodes- Dusty is the guy that made me. If Dusty never came to ECW I don't think I would have made it past the mid-card. I had great heat with the "old school" stuff against Taz and Tommy Dreamer but once a real old school hero came to ECW then it was legitimate. 
3) Homicide- My best feud ever. And his. Real emotion and two guys from different backgrounds kicking the living crap out of each other. 
4) The SandmanHe is like the dog you want to kick but then you realize that he has such a good heart that you go "aww, good dog". I love that guy. He can get so crazy drunk and you will beat him up in the ring but then the next morning he is buying you breakfast! A real good hearted and loyal friend. 
5) Allison Danger- One of the best women wrestlers out there and I am not just saying that because she is my sister. Danger works so hard and she is so smart outside the ring. I am very proud of her. 

5) Beings ATS Media gives our readers the feel of being at the corner sports bar, here are five bonus questions: 
1) Favorite Alocholic DrinkBeer! 
2) Favorite Party SongSeptember by Earth, Wind, & Fire...ahh the memories of partying in Tokyo to that song. 
3) Biggest Party FoulThe dick that tries to start a fight. 
4) Craziest Rib StoryI can't really go into it but it involves alcohol, Chuck Guillotine LeGrande, 5000 Yen, and a night we still laugh about. I am saving that one and more for the book! 
5) Dream opponentHomicide one more time. 

Where can the ATS Fanbase see "The King of Old School" Steve Corino in the near future? 
You can always find out what town I am in by visiting www.CorinoWrestling.com and fans can see me on TV every Monday night for Ring Of Honor on HDNet.  

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