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Off the ice with Jenna Martinelli

Chicago Blackhawk's Ice Girl Jenna Martinelli was gracious enough to answer the Six- Pack of questions this week, giving you a look into the responsibilities of an ice girl, her other gigs, and her party side! I would like to thank her for taking the time out of her busy schedule to answer the questions, and in return I ask you my readers to help her out with a current competition she is involved with.  The information is included below.  Thanks guys, and once again thanks to Jenna for being a great sport!

1) Being a Chicago Blackhawks Ice Girl, how did you get that position, what are your responsibilities, and how big of a Blackhawks fan are you? 
A friend of mine saw Ice Crew tryouts advertised in the newspaper back in 2007 and insisted I went out for it...so I did, got a call back for an interview, and after that got asked to join the team. I happily accepted! Responsibilities of an Ice Girl are endless... the obvious shoveling, which is my favorite, promoting the organization at various events all year long, visiting fans at the games, television and radio appearances, people even book us for their Holiday parties. We have been so busy this season, I even worked a Musky Fishing Expo. I'd say I am a pretty big fan. As a child I went to a lot of games with my dad, lost touch with it in my teen years, but thankfully Ice Crew has got me back into it and has turned me into a life long fan...I see myself as a season ticket holder when my shoveling days are over.

2) Besides being a hockey fan, are you a fan of any other sports, specifically any other teams in the Chicago area? 
I grew up with a neighborhood of boys so naturally i love sports, i love playing sports. Other than hockey, football and rugby catch my eye. I like a lot of action! Oh! and I recently went to a WWE event = awesome!

3) Have you ever had any interesting interactions with members of the Blackhawks or opposing teams? Close calls of crashing on the ice, spit and/or water flying from behind the benches that's about as interesting as it gets!

4) Your facebook states that one of your interests in partying. Perfect interest for this website, With ATS having the feel of a corner sports bar, how much partying do you do, and what makes a great party to you? 
Ha ha ha, well I also started my facebook page as a college student so I suppose my interests have changed! A good party to me includes some good music, possibly some Guns N Roses, some Queen, or even The Rolling Stones Circus video. I am a girl who likes beer so that should probably be handy as well but not necessary! 

5) Bonus Six Pack: 
1) Favorite Alcoholic Drink Beer

2) Favorite Party Song Taking Back Sunday "Make Damn Sure" favorite song but for partying...Fat Bottom Girls or Welcome to the Jungle.

3) Biggest Party Foul Getting the rim of your beer licked

4) Craziest Bar/ Party Story Just having some fun at a neighborhood bar suddenly turned into a very wet water fight! I got water launched at me from behind the bar, I quickly retaliated and ended up making a mess of the place. We were soaked and so was the bar.

5) For all the single guys.... what do you look for in a man? I like confidence, honesty, a man who can make a decision. I am a pretty goofy girl so I need someone I can laugh with and a nice butt and nice hands are always a plus ;)

6) You are currently running for 2010 Loop Rock Girl. Could you explain to the readers what this is, and how to vote for you? 
Yes I am...for the third time now! The Loop Rock Girl gets to represent the station in a similar way I represent the Hawks. She goes out to different events and concerts also gets to interview rock stars and celebs while keeping a blog on the Loop website. She also gets to shoot her very own calendar and goes out and about for calendar signings. This year the prize is a $75,000 salary. My picture is up on the site now for you to check me out http://www.wlup.com/ voting will take place at a certain day and a certain time in weeks to come. So stay posted via facebook and twitter (follow me at "jennalici0us" yes thats a zero not an oh!) !!! 

I also work for a Chicago music television channel called JBTV. You may have heard of it! JBTV has been around 25 years and is making a big come back! Right now I host a show called "On The Scene" where I get to go out to shows and interview bands. You can check some of it out at WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/JBTVONLINEDOTCOM and/or WWW.JBTVONLINE.COM but again if you follow me on facebook or twitter you will always know whats going on and can check out some promotional vids!

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