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Lindsay McCormick returns to talk Super Bowl, Deflategate and much more!

Where have the last five years gone? It was about time to catch back up with one of my favorite guests via the #SixPackOfQuestions.   You may remember her from being on ESPN, CBS Sports, NBC's Sunday Night Football, Comcast Sportsnet, or from her first interview with us in 2010. Hopefully you will enjoy our reunion in 2015! Thanks again to Lindsay for willing to participate in our little Q and A!

1) Your bio on your website states that you hit the road last season with NBC's Sunday Night Football as their social host.  Can you explain what that title means and what that experience was like?

LM: It was an experience unlike any other. I got to travel from city to city on the Sunday Night Football bus with a few extraordinary men for the entire NFL season. It’s one of the few things Madden and I have in common. I would get to chat with all the regional and local morning shows and give them a look into our life on the bus, hang out with the SNF Fans of the Week, post on all of the social media accounts for NBC and I even got to speak at the Tony Dungy All Pro Dad event about my experience with my dad and football growing up. The only challenging part was attempting to figure out what I wanted to eat for dinner from a truck stop/ gas station. [Laughs.] 

2) Speaking of football, rumor has it that there is some sort of big game coming up.  What are your thoughts on this year's Super Bowl match up between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots?

LM: The rest of America will probably agree with me when I say, I just don’t want to see a blow out like last year’s Super Bowl. I actually started to pay attention to the commercials during that game. And I’m not usually THAT girl. Tom Brady and Belichick have managed to pull off some incredible wins this season, but as we saw in the last half of the NFC Championship game, when the Seahawks really want something they are determined and talented enough to get it. With that said, I still think the Pats will win this one, but they must stop Marshawn Lynch in order to do this. The Pats are 9-0 when they don’t give up over 100 yards rushing. We all know how great their man coverage is and they rank fourth in passing defense, so Russell Wilson’s targets may have issues getting open with Revis Island & Browner on them. As amazing as Seattle’s defense is, if New England can get Gronk involved early they’ll be able to put enough points on the board to win this one.    

 3)  The Patriots have been quite the hot topic lately.  Thanks to social media, everybody has been voicing their opinion on #DeflateGate. What did you think of this current scandal?

LM: There’s never a dull moment in the NFL, and there’s never a dull moment on Twitter. So when the two combine, it’s magical. I think the way Brady has handled it so far with the media has been extremely professional. But what else do you expect from that guy? In terms of the actual events of #DeflateGate…sure a locker room attendant will take the fall and was probably the one who actually did the deflating, but we will never really know if that was by his own choosing or if he was instructed to do so. Regardless, there’s no way players didn’t notice a difference during the game.

4)  Let's touch on the NBA real quick.  Teams such as the New York Knicks and my own hometown Philadelphia 76ers have been accused of tanking this season.  It is not a new trend, but what are your thoughts on teams "tanking" for draft picks?

LM: I’m sure this is not a popular opinion, but it’s an honest one. Sports are all about strategy. Each individual game is about strategy. “Tanking” is a strategy to make your team better in the long run. I don’t really have a problem with it. If you are so terrible that you can barely win games and your fans have to endure a miserable season, then they deserve to have a top pick. So may the best tanker win…at least something.      

5) Five Bonus Questions:
1) I am sure it still is, but is "Teach Me How to Dougie" still your favorite song?

LM: Let’s just say, if you put the song on, I will still do the dance. But as for my absolute favorite song right now, it’s anything by John Legend. I’m thrilled he’s singing America the Beautiful this weekend at the game. It’ll calm everyone down before the chaos on the field begins.

2)  It will be Katy Perry performing at this year's Super Bowl, but who would you book for your ultimate halftime show?

LM: I love how Katy Perry is bringing on Lenny Kravitz with her, so I think I would do two unique artists like that. Ideally, I’d have Rihanna and Calvin Harris perform. Both are incredible in concert.

3)  You were a social host, so who is your favorite person(s) to follow on social media?

LM: I have three favorites. Chrissy Teigen or did she change her name to Chrissy Teigen-Legend now? Either way she’s a legend in my book. Her new year’s resolution was to not lose any more endorsement deals from her lack of censorship. Amazing. Next up, Anna Kendrick. Who clearly did not make that resolution, nor should she ever. She’s hilarious. And finally, Arian Foster. You know how your brain works extra hard at night and sometimes will go off on abstract tangents? That’s Foster’s entire Twitter feed.

4) One Movie Everyone should see: 

LM: Rudy. And it’s OK if you are a grown man and cry. It’s the only time in life you aren’t being judged.

 5) Who is the one athlete you would most want to hang out with?

LM: Marshawn Lynch. I talk for a living. All day long in fact. From radio shows to TV shows to hosting the live events for the Super Bowl this season. Sometimes I just want to sit there when I come home and not say a word. I feel like Lynch would understand this. Also, no one really knows Lynch and he seems like a really cool dude with a story that is yet to be discovered.

 6) What else have you been up to since we last spoke in 2010, and what does the future hold for Lindsay McCormick?

 LM: It’s been THAT long!? We really need to do a better job of staying in touch.  Well, in the past 5 years I’ve been fortunate enough to host CBS Sports’ coverage of the 2012 NFL Draft with Pete Prisco, Bruce Feldman & Will Brinson, write my own sports column for Esquire, provide NFL & UFC analysis for TYT Network, travel with Sunday Night Football, play a slightly crazier version of myself in Bill Bellamy & Shemar Moore’s new movie that will be in theaters this summer and sideline report for the AKC Eukanuba National Championship dog show that airs this Saturday on Lifetime. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more grateful in my entire life. I have amazing people in my life who continuously believe in me to give me these opportunities even though I know there are always multiple people out there who deserve these jobs just as much as I do. And that’s what keeps me working as hard as I possibly can. So the future holds a lot more hard work, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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