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Lindsay McCormick, From Sports Fan to Sports Media

I am pleased to present the Six Pack of Questions with ESPN media member and sports fan Lindsay McCormick. McCormick has a love for the sports world, and was very generous to take the time to answer the six questions.  Enjoy guys, and thank you again to Lindsay for her efforts.

1) You are well known as being a member of the world of Sports Media.  What made you become a member of the field? 

I always loved watching sports as a kid and grew up in what my mom called “A sports family.” We spent hours at the ballpark and even missed some school, which ironically prepared me more for my career than any class could have! My grandfather was a star defensive end for Illinois and was drafted by the Redskins in 1946, my brother played basketball on the WNBA Houston Comet’s practice team and I don’t think my grandmother has ever missed watching a Cardinals game in her life. I also knew at a young age that I wanted to be a broadcaster and in college I got a chance to develop that passion even more through sideline reporting for the Auburn football team, anchoring for the campus news station and hosting for MtvU. I was on the sidelines during the Auburn vs LSU game when ESPN GameDay was there and their producers saw me working. I joked with them if they had an internship available and they said that they were always taking new interns each semester. After successfully passing the sports exam and completing my internship, the reporter reel I made during my time at Auburn was passed around ESPN and I was called in to go through screening tests. I guess they must have liked something that they saw because it led to Streak for the Cash, College Pick’em, ESPN.com New York and writing for ESPN The Magazine. 

2) What has been your most memorable moment as a member of sports media? 

Two stand out in my mind for completely different reasons. First of all, my first professional locker room experience. I had experience with collegiate football games, but never professional. The adrenaline rush is indescribable.  I was surrounded by men three times my size that I admire as performers on the gridiron and had the added pressure of a time crunch and getting them to answer all of my questions before jumping on a plane and jetting off to their next location.  I still get that rush! Every kid’s fantasy is to meet their favorite athlete. To be perfectly honest, I always respected this person as athlete, but he was never my favorite until I interviewed him.  From that moment on, if anyone asked me who my favorite athlete was, it was hands down Kobe Bryant. I’m not sure what got a hold of me, but before I knew it I was in the front row of the press conference asking him about that night’s performance over the loud speaker, that which he later commended me on in our individual interview. Why Kobe? Simply because I’ve never met a guy who possesses so much of the “It” factor and is so down to earth at the same time. He has a true passion for the game, even after all of these years and from watching him interact with his teammates is what I believe to be the true definition of a team leader.      

3) Before being in the media, what sports did you follow? Any teams or players in particular?
For as long as I can remember Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon, Clyde “The Glide” Drexler, Downtown Chucky Brown, Sam Cassell, Robert Horry. . .  (OK, I could go on for days!) were it! And the back-to-back championships that resulted in the shirt with holes that I still wear just about every night.  Next, the Killer Bs and ‘Stros until my hopes for them were swept right along with them in the ’05 World Series by the White Sox. The Cardinals vs Astros rivalry in my family was just about as big as the Auburn vs Bama rivalry in the state of Alabama. We actually would toilet paper my grandparents’ house with Astros memorabilia when they would win (because like I said earlier, my grandmother has never missed watching a Cardinals game in her life).   Also, in Texas you are either a Longhorn or an Aggie. You can’t like both or the family will disown you. Most of my cousins went to UT and I loved watching VY lead that team . Finally, last on my list but first in my heart . . . Bo Jackson and the Auburn Tigers. 

4) We are now preparing for the beginning of the 2010 NFL season.  What is the biggest question mark you envision going into the season? 
Well, now that Favre has made his annual decision we can all sleep soundly. . .until this time next year. But the real question in my mind is who will win the AFC East? This is one of the toughest competitions we have seen in a long time!  With the Pats as the division’s winningest team in the last decade and Brady ready to prove he is finally healthy and still the best quarterback in the league, I would place them as one of the top contenders for the division title. The other team I think could possibly give the Pats a run for their money is the team with the best wideout in the league, the Dolphins. Combine one of the league’s most veteran Defensive Coordinators, Mike Nolan, with an offense consisting of Chad Henne and weapons Ricky Williams, Ronnie Brown and Brandon Marshall that will put some serious points on the board, and you have one solid team. Let’s just hope Brown, one of my favorite Auburn players, can stay healthy. The biggest team in question is the team that we have all seen firsthand on HBO. They surprised us all by just missing the Super Bowl, but caught some lucky breaks from the Colts and Bengals along the way. Wasting no time in the off season they brought in Hall of Fame – caliber veterans Jason Taylor and LT, Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes and cornerbacks Antonio Cromartie and Kyle Wilson, the star from Boise State. But judging from the preseason, they could always use Darrelle Revis, who’s arguably the best defensive player in the league, and the few days left until the actual season to polish a few things up. Either way I expect Sanchez to have learned from his rookie mistakes and for the Jets to entertain us during the season like they do on the show. And don’t count the Bills out just yet. The addition of Spiller to the backfield could be just what they need to sneak into contention. 

5) Here are five bonus questions: 

1) Favorite Alcoholic Drink: I’m usually the sober driver (which is why I believe my guy friends let me attend guy’s night on a frequent basis. And because I can be used as a sports reference for them and get them free drinks.) When I do drink, it’s Bud Light. No sissy girl drinks. 
2) Favorite Party Song: Anything you can dance to. Right now my favorites are “Drop It Low” or “Teach Me How to Dougie.” 
3) Biggest Party Foul: When someone is screaming at the TV in the bar about what they believe is a “bad call,” when CLEARLY it is not! If you don’t understand the game or think your team can do no wrong, spare the rest of us and watch it in the comfort of your own home. 
4) Craziest Bar/ Party Story: I have so many since I don’t drink often, but for the sake of keeping my friendships, I’m going to refrain from answering this one. Maybe one day I will write a book. Haha! 
5) Person You Would Most like to Party With: Hands down, Kenny Powers! 

6) What are some up coming projects that viewers of Around the Spectrum Media can look forward to featuring Lindsay McCormick? Life is constantly surprising me.  With that said, definitely more stuff in ESPN The Magazine. As for the on-air stuff, all I can say is it involves my two favorite sports, college football and potentially the NBA. You will just have to stay tuned . . 

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