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Rebecca Grant on Under the Helmet and being a sports fan

I am pleased to present the Six Pack of Questions with NFL media member, sports fan, model, singer, and actress Rebecca Grant. Grant has a love for the game of football, and was very generous to take the time to answer the six questions. By the way, how stunning are her brand new photos!! Enjoy guys, and thank you again for Rebecca for her efforts!

1) You are very well known for being involved with NFL media. How big of an NFL fan are you, and are there specific teams you follow? 
What’s great about it is that I was always a huge NFL fan! I grew up just outside Buffalo, NY –there was no way to NOT be a Bills fan. So, getting to work around the NFL was a real dream come true. I know that’s its been tough times recently, but the Bills will come back, baby! We’ll lose 4 more Super Bowls before you know it.

Other than the Bills, I tend to cheer for some of my favorite athletes as opposed to cheering for particular teams. And – I love close games and overtime. The Packers/Cardinals playoff game this year was about the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. 

2) What was one of the most surprising moments you encountered while being involved with football players especially during "Under the Helmet?"
You know – football players get a bad rap. A lot of players are really brilliant men who just happen to be huge and strong and run really fast. The worst cliché is that linemen aren’t smart. I’ve found that O-Linemen in particular tend to be some of the smartest guys you’ll ever meet. It’s a really cerebral position.
Obviously the media tends to focus on the few bad apples in the league, but I’m always impressed with how normal and down to earth most of the players are. 

3) Growing up in Buffalo, were you a hockey fan as well? Were there hockey teams you followed as well?
I’m a total hometown fan. There were some great players for the Sabres when I was a kid. From Gilbert Perreault when I was a little girl through Pat LaFontaine, and more recently Dominick Hasek, And, they have the best goalie in the world right now in Ryan Miller. He almost single handedly took the US to gold in the Olympics. Well – he had some help, but let’s be real… The reason they got to the gold medal game was his MVP performance. One day the Sabres will win the Stanley Cup, and when they do I’m going home to be there for the parade down Chippewa St. And I’m gonna chug some Bud Light outta that sucker.

4) After doing shoots for magazines such as FHM, and your love of football, are you interested in the Lingerie Football League, and was there ever any thoughts for you to get involved?
You may not believe me, but I can throw a tight, tight spiral. I also have tremendous short area quickness.
I have a lot of respect for those girls going out there and competing. They’re good athletes. And, they happen to look fabulous in lingerie. 
But, as to working with the league directly – nah… That’s never come up.. 

5) Here are five bonus questions:

1) Favorite Alcoholic Drink:
Hey – I thought I only needed to answer 6 questions! WTF.
But, seriously, Grey Goose and Vodka. I’m a top shelf girl. Do not buy me some $3.50 generic hi-ball. Show some respect. 

2) Favorite Party Song:
Depends what kind of party. If it’s a dance party, gimme some Beastie Boys. Or, Run DMC. And, it goes without saying, Michael Jackson. But, if it’s just a house party, give me some rock! Joan Jett, AC/DC, RATT, Journey. The Crue. Bring it on. For reals.

3) Biggest Party Foul: 
If you spill my drink… Just don’t spill my drink. Also – don’t step on my shoes you drunk moron!! I like open toed shoes… And there’s always some fool stumbling around with no sense of where his size 13’s are coming down. 

4) Craziest Bar/ Party Story 
You don’t have the space to publish my craziest party story. And I’m not 100% certain of the statute of limitations laws in the State of Wisconsin. So, I admit to nothing! 

5) Being a single woman, what do you look for in a significant other? 
I actually like dude dudes… Guys who like sports, and rock music and cars. Just don’t like your sports, rock and car more than you like me!

6) What are you working on at the moment, and what does the future hold for Rebecca Grant? 
Did you know that I’m a great singer?? I kid, I kid. But, seriously… I am a GREAT singer. I’ve been working on some recording, and it’s so fun and rewarding. Maybe I’ll have a video soon. (hint, hint, hint). Maybe you’ll post my video on your site?!?!

And I’m always working on acting, and hosting. There’s constantly something in the pipeline to keep me busy.

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