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Former NXT performer Aloisia on her time with WWE

Due to some controversial events, the six foot nine inch professional wrestler Aloisia was currently pulled off of WWE programming and since has come to terms of a release from the company.  In a transition period, Aloisia took the time out of her schedule to speak to the fans of FTS by answering the Six Pack of Questions.  Find out what her future may hold, plus her training regiment and life outside of the ring! Thank Aloisia!

1) What is a typical training regiment for you? 
30 mins of cardio in the morning and low weight/high reps weight lifting/cardio in the afternoon for 1-2 hours. 

2) What made you become a professional wrestler? Who were some of your idols in the business? 
Chris Jericho & Chyna. It's unique and not expected from a 6'9" woman. I love to throw curve balls at people! 

3) Your thoughts on the whole drama concerning your replacement on WWE NXT Season Three and your current status with WWE?
I don't care- this subject has been beaten to death like a dead horse. Any time I comment on it, haters say I'm just trying to attract more attention to myself and then the story changes and the rumors become ever more ridiculous. Apparently I'm damned if I do, damned if I don't.

As far as my WWE status is concerned, WWE and I came to an agreement that allowed me to exit my contract and pursue other business opportunities. What was said between WWE officials and myself is a private conversation and, being a professional,  I'd like to keep it as such.

4) Would you be interested in working for TNA in their knockouts division?
Anything is possible. Now that I'm out of my WWE contract, I'm free to pursue anything that comes my way.

5) Beings From the Stands Media gives readers the feel that they are at the corner sports bar, here are five bonus questions:
1) Favorite Alcoholic Drink
Wine - Red Zinfandel or Pinot Noir

2) Favorite Party Song:
Depends on the party..Animal by Neon Trees def gets me in a good mood!

3) Biggest Party Foul:
Of course spilling the drink!

4) Craziest Bar/ Party Story:
This guy was hitting on me in a bar and his 5’ tall girlfriend came over and started going off on me about talking to her "man". I brushed her off and when she got in my face I stood up. Usually that's enough to make people back off, but she went crazy. She pushed me with all of her might and of course, I didn't budge. I then barely pushed her with one hand and she went flying into a wall. She left me alone after that, haha!

5) Person You Would Most like to Party With:
Vincent Chase, Entourage!

6) On top of your crazy schedule, what are some up coming projects that viewers of From the Stands Media can look forward to featuring Aloisia?

I can't get into too much detail, but I am talking to other wrestling promotions and I may get my own reality show.

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