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Ashley Ann Vickers Returns!

Due to such a positive response to her first entry here on Around the Spectrum Media, I am pleased to present the second installment of the Six Pack of Questions with the lovely Ashley Ann Vickers!!
I'm thrilled to do another Q&A with you guys!! Just from last time we chatted so much has changed! For instance, I'm in this month's issue of MAXIM MAGAZINE!!! Whoop Whoop! Since I'm a top 10 finalist in Maxim's Hometown Hottie contest I had my very first Maxim shoot...and well the pics are HOT! 

Also I've been slammed traveling all over the US for calendar signings
and making a ton of appearances at clubs and radio stations. 

1) Some of the FTS readers were wondering, with such a busy schedule,what do you do for fun during any free time?

Most people are "freaks". Well it's easy to say I'm a closet "geek" . (Imay be the other too but...we won't go there. haha)I rarely get time off, so when I do you can ALWAYS find me at thelibrary sitting in front of my laptop with a stack full of papers,books, and receipts! I actually enjoy going to library. It's so peaceful and I canget a bunch of work done...along with facebook and twitter stalking. ;) 

Another place I like to unwind is at my parents ranch in Ft. Pierce,FL. We have over 100 acres with cattle, 4-wheelers, and even ponds to go fishing. I love when friends come over and we have bon-fires with brewskies! SOMETIMES my dad is lucky and he'll convince me to go to the Everglades air-boating. It's so nice to be outside and not have a stress in the world! 

2) Currently you are working within Florida Championship Wrestling. Any interest in becoming an in ring performer?

Well technically I AM performing "in" the ring since I do get in thereto announce. ;) (Just teasing!)As of now, I have no ambition to start training. I really want to focus on being the best announcer/host I possibly can be and it's taking a lot of hard work. Once I master my announcing skills who knows what's next...

3) Were you ever approached with the idea, or thought about suiting up in the Lingerie Football League?

HA that's a funny question because my one my close friends that plays pro football was helping train the Tampa Lingerie Football team and he approached me about it. I actually considered it because I thought it would be so much fun, not to mention a GREAT workout. Unfortunately I passed though because it required so much time and my modeling career had JUST started taking off!

4) Last time we talked you hinted your first feature film coming out in November? What should be expected from this film?

YES! I'm super excited about the film which is called "A Fine Step" and was filmed in Memphis, TN. As many people know I'm a country girl so I was originally intrigued by this film since the story involved Paso Fino horses. I play a college girlfriend and will keep every one posted on the premiere date which is now set in early MARCH!

5) Any thoughts on the up coming NBA Season? Any thoughts on the Memphis Grizzlies who you previously worked with?

As much as I love my Memphis boys, I don't think there's a team that will stand a chance against the Heat. With 3 of the biggest heavyweights in the NBA (Lebron Brown, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade) I think they will be unstoppable! SORRY LAKERS! ;)

6) How did you spend your 2010 Halloween?

Hands down this was my favorite Halloween yet! I was lucky enough to 
have a calendar signing at the opening of Hype Lounge in New York City.I had SUCH a blast and ran out of calendars in the first 30 minutes!!!I have actually already booked another appearance at Hype for Super bowl in February. This place is awesome, imagine an upscale sports bar that turns into a club/lounge at night --- GENIUS!

I'm actually booked for another calendar signing this weekend in

Nashville at the Beer, Bourdon, and BBQ Festival. If anyone is in thearea make sure you come out to get your 2011 calendar signed by yourstruly! ;)

No worries if you can't make it out though, you can also grab a copy ofmy 2011 Calendar at my website,http://www.ashleyannvickers.com/store.php While you're there you cancheck out more photos and video blogs which are updated every week!

Don't forget to find me on facebook,
http://www.facebook.com/AshleyAnnVickers and Twitter,http://twitter.com/AshleyAnnVick

Much Love!
Ashley Ann

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