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Ashley Ann Vickers on NXT, the Memphis Grizzlies, and the Rodeo

From modeling, to pro wrestling, to basketball, to the rodeo... Ashley Ann Vickers is one of the hardest working women on the planet.  With such a busy schedule to begin with, I am truly honored to present the "Six Pack of Questions" with a true sweetheart.  Just a response from Ms. Vickers was unbelievable, let alone the time she put into answering the questions.  She is truly an inspiration for her hard work and determination, and I hope you enjoy  the "Six Pack of Questions" with Ashley Ann Vickers.

1) One of your current gigs is being the emcee for the Memphis Grizzlies.  What made you enter that field? Do you have a previous love for basketball?
This past season I had the opportunity to work with the Memphis Grizzlies NBA team. What a HUGE learning opportunity to be in front of 7,000-12,000 screaming fans LIVE! Prior to working with them I had no background in sports (other than rodeo) but I had a lot of experience hosting. How I got the job with the Grizzlies is a pretty funny story....I was sitting in the library at UCF (University of Central Florida) with only a few weeks left before I graduated with my degree in Communications. I thought, where in the world do I want to live...hmmm I do love Tennessee. I googled NBA teams in Tennessee and called them up. That's right I just called them up! I introduced myself, told them about my hosting background, emailed over my resume and photos (ok maybe that helped), and then asked if I could fly up and audition to be their new emcee. The rest is history! Haha I'm a firm believer that if you want something...then just go get it. What's the worst you can hear? -NO. In my book, a "NO" only means you're one step closer to a "YES" :) Working with the Memphis Grizzlies gave me a ton of experience being in front of the camera which as a result was a stepping stone to my current job as co-host of WWE's hit show NXT.

2) How did you get involved in rodeo?
It's so funny when I tell people I'm an "absolute country girl". It's like they don't believe me!!! Haha Well I promise I'm as southern as it gets - I grew up in a very small town called Ft. Pierce, FL. As young as I can remember we ALWAYS had cattle and horses. I think I spent most of my childhood riding horses, 4-wheelers, and horses. As soon as I was old enough, I was involved with 4-H and showed everything from pigs, steers, heifers, and of course horses. I started barrel racing when I was about 9. Now for those of you that don't know what barrel racing is (which I'm sure most of you), it's the girl's event in rodeo in which there's 3 barrels set in a clover leaf pattern. The horse and rider that successfully runs around the 3 barrels without knocking any over in the fastest time wins! (I've attached a photo) I really miss rodeoing. It's a "chapter" of my life I'll always cherish! Luckily, my parents still have our ranch so any time I have off I always go home and get back to my roots! "You can take the girl out of the country, but never the country out of the girl".

3) You are currently a host on WWE's NXT on SyFy  Have you been a previous fan of pro wrestling? Do have any past or present favorites?
I absolutely THRILLED to be the newest addition to WWE's broadcast team! I currently am the co-host of WWE's (World Wrestling Entertainment) hit show NXT. My name on the show is Ashley Valence. I always remember watching wrestling growing up (of course a HUGE fan of Stone Cold and The Rock) but never in a million years did I ever think I would have the opportunity to work with them. This is such an exciting time for me and I'm having such a blast working with them. I can't say enough wonderful things about the WWE and all the great people that work for them :) Make sure you check out NXT Season 3 on SyFy every Tuesday at 10pm. :)

4) In your bio on your website it states that you started a business your junior year of high school that you still have today. What kind of business is this?
As I've already mentioned I use to show cattle in 4-H. Well by the time I was in high school I took it a step further and would travel all over the US to different cattle shows. The problem was Florida has great "beef cattle" but states out west like Oklahoma would have better "show cattle". As a result I would buy my steers out west and then show them in my county fair. This was very costly to do and a big disadvantage for kids that didn't have the luxury to travel to purchase their show cattle. So while in high school, I started a club calf business in which we bought a bull and a few cows out west, bred them on our ranch, and then sold them to exhibitors for their local fairs. They were still getting high quality shows calves at a fraction of the cost. Since then we have bought another bull and more cows and I continue to sell calves to kids.

5) Beings Around the Spectrum Media gives readers the feel that they are at the corner sports bar, here are five bonus questions: 
Unfortunately since I work so much I rarely get a chance to go out and party. HOWEVER, when I do I try to make up for lost time! Haha  
1) Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Vodka, Water, Tall, and a crystal light package. Anyone that knows me will tell you, I ALWAYS have crystal light in my purse!  
2) Favorite Party Song: Kings of Leon "Sex on Fire" I've had lots of GREAT times with that song playing in the background ;) 
3) Biggest Party Foul: A girl that is sloppy drunk....puking, yelling, not able to walk. Come on girls, keep it classy! 
4) Craziest Bar/ Party Story: WOW, hands down Nashville, TN with my girl Alyssa. It was an EPIC night with "christmas tree shots", dancing on stage, and a very long night back at the house! Ohhh and maybe I was holding someone's hair that night....hahaha BUT she was a rock star and we sung "Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree" our long 3 hour drive back to Memphis! GREAT TIMES!  
5) Person You Would Most like to Party With: Kid Rock ;) 
6) On top of your crazy schedule, what are some up coming projects that viewers of Around the Spectrum Media can look forward to featuring Ashley Ann Vickers? As I've already mentioned things for me are absolutely RIDICULOUS right now! :) I usually get about 4 days off the entire month and even on those days I'm typically sitting in front my computer playing catch up with emails! Haha There's just soooo many exciting things going on and I'm trying to make the most out of them! 
For starters, my first feature film with Luke Perry is set to hit theaters this November. Also, Season 3 of WWE's hit show NXT is about to start and it's going to be an action packed one with ALL Divas! Can't wait! In addition, my 2011 calendar is already being pre-sold and as soon as they are done I'm planning on going to a few cities and holding some calendar signings. Oh and of course, I'm looking forward to the November issue of Maxim Magazine when the top 10 Hometown Hottie Finalists will be featured! Make sure you grab a copy and check out your girl! Haha 

As much as I enjoy modeling and hosting, there's no question my true passion lies in motivational speaking. Eventually I hope to be a motivational speaker for high school and college kids. In fact, I have already had the opportunity to speak at a few schools. I believe that anything is possible when you work hard and have the right attitude! The sky is truly the limit!  
Thanks so much for reading this article and if you still have some time on your hands, I could really use some help in deciding the cover of my 2011 Calendar. Since it's such a tough decision I'm letting my friends decide! If you go to my website, AshleyAnnVickers.com and click on my store, you will be able to cast your vote for the photo you believe is the most cover worthy! Also, the first 100 calendars that are pre-sold, I'm signing for free. So, HEY....what are you waiting for!?!? Get your booty on their! ;) 
Also, make sure you keep checking back! I update my website every week with new video blogs, photos, and other fun stuff! You can check out my website calendar to see if I'm in a city near you and also keep up with me on twitter... AshleyAnnVick ;) 
Much Love! Ashley Ann Vickers 

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